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About path

Beautiful, Private Sharing

Capture Moments

With Path you share more
than just text: music, check
-ins, movies, books, trips,
workouts, photos, and more.

Control Privacy

You're always in control
of your privacy on Path
with settings that are simple
and easy-to-understand.

Share Everywhere

Share any of your Path
moments on Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare,
and Wordpress.

Timeline Search

Revisit a lifetime of moments
by searching for friends,
birthdays, places, cities,
holidays, months, seasons,
and more.

Inner Circle

If you find yourself with too
many friends on Path,
use Inner Circle to get back
to simpler times with those
you care about most.

Seen It

Never again wonder if a
friend saw your post,
because with Path you
can see everyone who has.

Better than Likes

Use Path Emotions to do
more than just Like a friend's
post—smile or frown, laugh
or love, it's up to you.

Private Moments

Even your most personal
moments are safe on Path.
Post a moment private to
just yourself, or with a group
of people you choose.

Who We Are

We started in 2010 as a small team of passionate and experienced designers and engineers.
Holed up in a San Francisco apartment, we laid out our mission and the values that would guide
our way. Over the years our products have changed, but our values remain the same.

Our Values


We believe in rejecting
all but what matters.


We believe well crafted
spaces elevate us.


We believe that you are
not a product.

Our Mission

At Path we have one mission: through technology and design we aim to be a source of happiness, meaning,
and connection. We do what we do so that you might be a little closer to what you care about most.