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FannyFanny: On my way to office today I listened to Fr Al's podcast on today's scripture reflection (Fr Al had passed away but you can also listen to his documentation of daily reflection on i found something powerful inm his sermon. Father says you can meet Jesus anywhere anytime. The encounter with Jesus comes in the form of meeting members of your family, your friends, even people in the streets. Jesus is present in your spouse, your parents, your children. Yes, Jesus is present when two or three people pray together. You meet Jesus in your daily experience, in the bible you read. But the fullest form of encountering Jesus is when you go to the Mass and attend the Eucharist. The little host we received is none other than the very body and blood of my Lord, my King, Jesus Christ.

So tonight, as I attend the Maundy Thursday Mass, I want to meet Jesus in person, I want to encounter Him. He is here with me now. He never leaves me. In every step of the way Jesus is alive walking with me being there for me. I shall never be afraid.
At Gereja Katolik Maria Kusuma Karmel
6 months ago from Bandung
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