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Reading Starting Something by Wayne McVickerBusiness & Personal Finance, 2010
Starting Something
ArdyaArdya: "We were going to change the world. All we had to do was let the world know"

What makes this book different from other dot-com startup books is the company, Neofarma, is still alive unlike most of the dot-com companies in which exploded onto the market only to implode in the next few years.

Although McVicker writes that his book is not a how-to guide for entrepreneurs, it does, in fact, offer many lessons for new business owners about what worked and did not work during the formation of one successful company. With candid observations about the company and his own personal adventure, McVicker presents a straightforward recollection of his ups and downs in the driver's seat of a new venture.

"when hired a software programmer, I had focused on his computer skills - which can be learned - instead of more important and innate qualities -- like an arrogance, born of insecurity, which I shouldn't have done that"

somehow in this part, I remembered IBM hiring, a lot :))
4 years ago from Pittsburgh
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