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Path on the iPad mini is the best social experience in all of computing. @facebook looks like @myspace compared to @path. It's game over.... Path is real social, and Facebook is an advertising, social scam... Desperate to screw it's users to hit quarterly numbers.

The last straw for me was zuckerberg's outing of gay college students via the horrific default group membership feature. Zuck's approach to social is self serving to the point of outing gay youths--think about that. And zuck never personally apologized to those outed gay college students. That's just bad leadership or a lack of empathy. Facebook is now starting the death spiral, and its the result of caring about growth over people's lives.

Path has taken the opposite approach: trust, slow growth and empathy.

Dave morin is 10x the founder of zuck, and path is 100x the better product.

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