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Detail July 2018. One of my highlights of the month. We started today so smoothly and it just felt so relaxing working on the shoots from 8am to 5pm. A total of sweet eight hours of shoots to produce 4 videos. Loved it!
This has been by far my most challenging project since I don’t remember how long ago. Here is why:
1. I knew nothing or almost nothing about food.
2. I knew no one/ only a few people in the food industry.
3. I knew so little about producing FOOD videos (I just like watching them on tasty/buzzfeed and loved how they made it look so easy).
4. I knew nothing about the price market or the budget we need to have to become sustainable.

But God is really good to me. And i’m still His precious daughter after all. If I can do almost impossible things, it’s not my power or strength, but it’s because of His wisdom.

Looking for the right people is the most difficult part when starting a project. Then, you need to convince them to have the same vision like yours. There will be conflicts, for sure, but in the end we’ll be better working with people who have the same wavelength like you. Similar minded people. It’s true. I tried to collect different minds with contrast personalities but it didn’t work. Either they left, or (more often) we had to let them go. Those who made you feel stressed out, rolling eyes in disbelief, those who just don’t get a clue of what they’re doing, those who always present problems instead of solutions. Those who often feels they’re always right.

They’re becoming toxic people for the project. And it built tension. Because we come to work with a heart beating faster than it should, breathe a little heavier, think much more harder, with so little things to be accomplished. And you finish your day with piles of stressed mind — knowing that you have to do everything in difficult ways all over again. When it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll get burnt out.

So, this has been my personal and professional achievement this year. That I finally learned something new (cooking) and be damn good on it! Within the first 2.5 months of launching, we have surpassed the competitors’ sites as well as the brand site’s traffic. We have proven to the client that we can grow organically with tiny amount of support from the media buy. Everything has a formula & we’ve cracked it! Now we’re producing more than a dozen vids a month. Hopefully would always finish before 6pm with 4 recipes in our pocket! Personally, I’m managing 10-18 people within the project itself. Isn’t it something to be grateful about? Work has always taking the center stage of my life and that’s why I want to make sure I grow from it and be happy while getting the paycheck 🙂
a month ago
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