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iqbalirfanyiqbalirfany: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
(Albert Einstein, in a letter to his son Eduard, 5 February 1930.)

With a photo of a cycling Albert Einstein, we celebrate the world’s first bike ride, which took place 200 years ago!

The first bike ride happened in Germany on 12 June, 1817. The invention of the bike is connected to the largest and most-destructive volcanic event in recorded history. The volcano, Mount Tambora in Indonesia, had a huge eruption in 1815 and the following year, 1816, was called the “year without a summer”. The presence of ash in the atmosphere for several months after the eruption led to crop failures and starvation as far away as western Europe and eastern North America. Animals were slaughtered for food and the bike was invented as a substitute means of transportation.

(Photo: Albert Einstein in Santa Barbara, USA, 1933. Wikipedia) FB Nobel Prize
7 months ago from Leuwisadeng
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