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Udah nyantei-nyantei, baru inget kalo besok pagi janjian ama PT buat di"siksa". Akh!! πŸ˜–
Dari data timbangan terakhir, berat ideal perlu turun 2-3 kilo lg. Wheew. Glad though that most of my old dresses & pants are wearable again (without having a visible tummy, lol).

Having a flat stomach is not easy, but not as hard as well!). We just need to stop saying these three things: "kenyang!", "males", "pesen delivery yok!" Seriously. This is 2017.

1. Kenyang: never ever let your body experience this. You know that bloated feeling when you're going with friends to an all-you-can-eat buffet back in college? Well, those days were gone. Stop eating before you feel full.

2. Males: nothing good comes out of laziness. Lazy people are pathetic and deserve to be fat.
I'm just agreeing with comedian Bill Burr, who said he has nothing against fat people but can't seem to understand why we can't say someone is fat. "Why? It's not a race or religion, and it's totally curable!!" "Do you know what one's gotta do to get a six-pack stomach? It's extremely hard. Now, what does one has gotta do to get fat? Nothing!" Hehehe, brilliant.

3. Pesen delivery: a recipe for disaster if you are trying to maintain your figure yet living alone. Ordering food with Gofood, Grab food, etc, requires you to order a minimum portion of food (usually above Rp 50k) and it'll force you to finish it. Catering is just as worst if you can't pick the menu. As result, you lose more money AND gain weight. It's a lose-lose situation! Cooking is way cheaper & healthier. Don't have time? Bullshit, there are so many buzzfeed tutorial videos out there on how to cook in 5-10 mins πŸ˜„Don't have a stove or refrigerator? Buy one or move to a new place. You can still have just either one, but can't survive without both. At least if you have a refrigerator, you'll be able to eat only half of portion and then keep the rest in the fridge, right?

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