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Indah NuriaIndah Nuria: The ocean is indeed our home, our future!

And we have no better choice but to keep and preserve the oceans we love, the oceans in which our children will be the next stewards.

For me personally, the oceans will always be my refuge, offering the unconditional peace and boundless love where I am endlessly grateful for ever single thing our Creator bestowed upon me.

Down there, there's a beyond-words beauty we all have to protect. To preserve. To love!

But our oceans have been heavily polluted by our greed, our selfish actions, our constant ignorance.
Marine debris, acidification, over fishing, pollution, raising sea level are only a tiny portion of the horrible consequences of what we have done tk the oceans.

This has to stop!
And we can do that together.

Happy World Oceans Day!

#darisudutUNGA #missingmyIndonesia
With Vivi and Fina and Angie S. and Rudi and Masni and kamapradipta and Fajar and Arie and lilis and Danny and Erma and Sendi at United Nations General Assembly
7 months ago from New York
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