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Watching Seven (Se7en)1995 Mystery & Suspense, starring Brad Pitt
Seven (Se7en)
sancoLgatessancoLgates: There's Seven Deadly Sins

Misdirected Love:
-The Proud
-The Envious
-The Wrathful

Deficient Love
-The Slothful

Excessive Love
-The Greedy
-The Lustful
-The Gluttonous

Quote to Ponder:

We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home and we tolerated... We tolerated because it's common.

Kita melihat dosa-dosa disetiap sudut jalan dan membiarkannya.. kita biarkan karena memang sudah menjadi hal yang biasa... ini hal sepele...😨
2 years ago from Bekasi
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