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Is man guilty before God? Has he sinned? Yes, he has. He has lied, stolen, looked with lust, he has coveted and blasphemed the name of the God who gave him life. All of these transgressions present sinful man as guilty before the just Judge of the universe. What is the Judge's response? Well, a just and holy God will by no means pardon the guilty (Exodus 34:7), since this would not be justice. This is why God became a man [in the person of Jesus Christ], so that by living a righteous life He Himself would be the righteous perfection we cannot be, and then, by taking upon Himself the punishment we deserve, justice would finally be satisfied, the result of which is mercy then being extended to the world. This is what the Bible calls “the grace of God,” and it makes Christianity unique among all world religions in existence today.

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