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Watching Midnight in Paris2011 Comedy, starring Owen Wilson
Midnight in Paris
sancoLgatessancoLgates: Present 2010 => 1920 => 1890 "La Belle Epoque (Era keemasan prancis 1890an)

"I was born too late!"
The concept is someone who doesn't satisfied with his era (present "2010"), and accidentally come to 1920's and meet all his idol!. That's the adventure of midnight in paris begin...

Duo Fitzgerald Zelda and Scotts,
Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein (writer's)

Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali (Surrealism painter's)

Luis Bunuel (filmmaker)

Man Ray (Surrealism photographer)

I love this movie. Full of art, culture, imagination, surrealism and creativity at work. History of course...

Backsound from Cole Porter.
2 years ago from Bekasi
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