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Had brutal week. Lost one of my best people because I'm stretched so thin that sometimes I miss the warning signs. Being CEO sucks.... You get 100 requests a month and can say yes to 5 or 10. Say no to the wrong requests and folks are demoralized to the point of giving up, say yes to too many and the company runs out of money or worse, is sent in 20 different directions.

After 20 years in doing this I realize its psychologically damaging stuff at times for founders. I know guys crying in the shower or grinding their teeth at night over their startups. I salute you quiet warriors with no one to talk to.

You cant show weakness to your team, investors or the media, because founders are supposed to be fearless. You don't want to dump it on your spouse, nor your founder friends.

If you're one of those folks suffering I'm available to talk any time. That's my role as an angel investor I believe: have the hard talks about failure.

Failure is the precursor to success. Eat your failure and make yourself stronger.

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