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SmileNgoSmileNgo: Greetings from #SMILENGO India. Please promote our following upcoming #Workcamps in 2017.There also #LMTV and #Group projects round the year need energetic and motivated #youth #volunteers. 

SMILE Indian Festival  Camps 2017 :

SMILE Projects 2018 :,

Please promote. Let's start a strong bilateral relationship. 

SMILENGO  India Workcamps have open places for your energetic youth volunteers......   


SMILE IWC481 Festival Camp 17-30 Sep ,  

SMILE IWC482 Festival Camp  1-14 Oct, 

SMILE IWC483 Intercultural Exchange 3-15 Oct, 

SMILE IWC484 Street Angels Camp 17-30  Oct,                                        

SMILE IWC485 Happy Home Camp 1-14 Nov, 

SMILE IWC480 Happy Home Camp 17-30 Nov,                                         

SMILE IWC478 Happy Home Camp 1-14 Dec ,                                       

SMILE IWC481 Street Angels Camp 17-30 Dec, 

Looking forward to receive your energetic volunteers in our projects India. 

What's App :+919830150249,
At SMILE Society- International Workcamp Organization
10 months ago from Kolkata
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