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New Ebay scam: Once you order an item, the seller prints the mailing label within just a few minutes. I have no idea how they do that round the clock, but this has happened to me twice. Once that label is printed, the seller claims the item has shipped. Once it's shipped, you can't cancel the order.
The first time this happened, Ebay counseled me in getting my money back and all was well. But the second time it happened, the seller said there was no way he could cancel the order because the order had already shipped--mind you, this was within 5 minutes of the original order, which happened at 9:30 pm at night, which would be 12:30 am on the east coast. The seller said I had buyers' remorse and therefore I had to pay the return shipping. I called Ebay to get this straightened out, but this time they said the best they could do is give me a coupon to cover the return shipping.
This is BS. This effectively means there is no way to cancel an order once it's paid for. And there is no buyer protection because "it's shipped."
If anyone out there has a solution for this, please let me know.

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