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DLDL: Smoke comes off the screen. (Some crazy cool game mechanics with audio teamed with AR change on this one)
There are huge earthquake shifts coming in residual agreements coming to streaming. Television streaming will change. There is a flood of work right now but that will become harder.
Cubic media... MR, AR, VR, integration, hypernarrative, extractions, IoT/ML/AI in the narratives are going to exacerbate quickly.

I have been prepping for all of it with Hyv teams for 12 years. Every delay is because I know the worth of cubic and I have a very good sense of how this all is going to work very soon.

MR, VR, AR, Transmedia has all been pieces of a cocoon.
What it's adult stage will look like the airplane after the kite and bicycle were their own thing.
What comes out of it is what we have already been building... for years... storycubes. Cubic media. Hybes and Cubes.
Protean. #im2btheHyv been a long road for technology to catch up to crazy us.

As I say... All about clocks and frames ... light parameters and learning the flow of action via reaction in audience interface that assists but with no dependence on the central narrative drive. Ethos pathos logos and strong ability to organically manipulate without the audience feeling it isn't "truth" inside the story.

Cubic is coming quickly but the walls and hurdles and skills are the rarest on the planet right now.

(Photo :From the Hopi layering tests )
At Hyvquarters
6 months ago
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