Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

PEG's All-Purpose, Quick & Easy Vinaigrette • I guess vinaigrette is fancy stuff in the US but it's really easy. It's the first thing I learned how to do, and over the years I've refined a go-to recipe that I use almost each time I need a vinaigrette. It's so easy and so successful each time I do it that I'll share it here. • Start with a big spoonful of balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle salt & stir (you add the vinegar & salt early on bc the salt dissolves in the vinegar but not enough). I add a touch of sweet: ideally honey, if you don't have it sugar (I often use jam, with profitable results—people can never identify that little taste). Then, I add just a leeeeettle bit of mustard. Balsamic + sweet + mustard gives a great sweet/acid/spicy combination. But more importantly, mustard is a "tensio-active": it includes molecules that bind with water & oil. This is why most mayonnaise recipes call for mustard (even though the yolk is even more tensio-active). I don't like mustard (blasphemy!), so I use it just for a hint of spice & to bind the vinaigrette, but add to taste. Stir it all together. Then add olive oil to taste. Mix. For me it works every time.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry November 24 2012
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