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Xing and Jaan

by DBS Bank Ltd.

Hi, this is Xing and Jaan from DBS Bank. We are here to provide you with value and banking convenience.


by Charles Schulz

Good grief! Even when life's not lemonade you're a good man Charlie Brown.

South Park

by South Park

Follow the irreverent and hilarious misadventures of four foul-mouthed, troublemaking boys in a small town in Colorado.


by Path

He eats, he sleeps, he sings power ballads in the shower — he's the everyman. Meet Jake.

Fruit Ninja

by Halfbrick

Make sensei proud. Happy slicing.


by Dark Igloo

Taking you back to that quarter vending machine at the roller rink. These are stickers like you first remember them.


by Jacob Souva

Meet mad scientist kid, Gordon, and his pet robot, Spot. Their latest and greatest invention: an emo robo.


by Kazuma Shirasaki

There's an entire world taking place in your candy jar. Take a peek into the private lives of jellybeans (and the imposter that managed to gain entry).


by Petshopbox Studios

Ever since Ollie's moved on land, he's been taking advantage of those extra extremities – buying out the store, blowing kisses to two girls at once, and sounding extra party horns.


by David Lanham

Fluffie wants to give you presents, Eskimo kisses, and behind-the-ear scratches.


by Hugh Macleod

Ooh la la, cool bananas, boo. Brainiac, maniac, stumped, and smitten, the Scamps say it all without saying a word.


by David Lanham

Pepper the Red Panda loves Sinatra, mint-chip, and chasing yellow butterflies. But mostly he loves you.

The Best

by Hugh Macleod

Cheers! Yahoo! Whether in awe, in love, or impressed — this is The Best.


by Charles Schulz

Snoopy's a day dreamer, late sleeper, happy beagle, and the best friend you'll ever have.


by Jayde Cardinalli

Blowing kisses, shacking up, and riding in cars with other Schmoopies — Schmoopy lives for love.


by Beau Monroe

Stickers to do the talking so you can spend more time laughing-out-louding.


by Kazuma Shirasaki

The Halloween season means spirits are high among this ghastly biker crew. Ever on the move, they give new meaning to ghost riding the whip.


by David Lanham

Willa is a strong, modern wombat. Don't be fooled by her fuzzy exterior, she's got sass and she knows how to use it.


by Suyoung Jang

Hipposaurus are colorful creatures with a knack for tomfoolery. Part hippo, part dino, and all parts wild and crazy.


by Hugh MacLeod

Hey hunny bunny. Be love struck, or have a shy crush. It's all love with Wuvs.

The Worst

by Hugh MacLeod

Bad day? Same with this guy. He drank spoiled milk and stepped in dog poop twice. It's The Worst.


by Liz Nugent

Wisteria makes sure to keep her magic powers out of sight of nosy neighbors. But hey, a little witchcraft around the house never hurt.


by Shake-O

Doug's a party animal who never lets a day go to the dogs. Forget chasing cars, this dog joyrides behind the wheel of his convertible.

Adventure Time

by Pendleton Ward

With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end. It's Adventure Time!

Nom Nom Parade

by Richard Perez

Yum nom mmm. Treats take to the streets. Hide your kids — this is one delicious crew.

Breaking Bad

by Henrique Athayde

Walt's found himself in quite the quagmire since he turned to meth as means of income. Join Walt, Jesse, Hank, Mike and Gus as they cook up something volatile.


by Sony Pictures

Feast your eyes on the foodimals: shrimpanzees, tacodiles, mosquitoast, meatbalrus, bananostrich, cantalope, wild scallions, watermelophants, and Barry the strawberry.

Mr. Viking

by Maya Rahmat

Red beard, round belly. Mr. Viking is a Scandinavian seafaring pirate with zest for life.

Happy Hour

by Jeremy Fish

Pick your poison and throw one back. It's five o'clock somewhere.


by Jayde Cardinalli

Cats and dogs — with muddy paws, day dreaming, playing nice with mice, and loving us more than we deserve.


by Andrew DeGraff

Tis the season. Get ready for some Rodgers belt poses, Cruz salsa dances, and Kaepernick kaepernicking.


by Jeremy Fish

Spectacular vernacular giving us a way to say: Too big for your britches, spilled the beans, party pooper.


by David Lanham

The world's a stage, so go ahead, be dramatic. Sweet and sour, carefree and confused, these little creatures feel it all.


by Richard Perez

He's a modern cat. Forget yarn-balls and mice-bullying. Charlie likes yoga, jazz, surfing, and science.

In Transit

by Always With Honor

The adventure starts with getting going.

Iconic Bites

by Susan Kare

It's burger time. Power up with something tasty and enjoy every 8-bit bite.


by Kukubee

Drool, poor posture, and aggressive pursuit's just never been his thing. Xander's polite, approachable, fun-loving [and single!].

The Weekend

by Always With Honor

Live it up. Channel-surf, couch-potate, have a drink or two — it's the weekend.


by Patricia Marfa

Soak it up! In summer, Romy ditches her Davy Crockett hat in favor of a swimming cap and sunglasses.

Geeking Out Girl

by Richard Perez

Geek out with every breed of she-geek, from board gamer, to scientist, to comic lover, to hacker.

Geeking Out Guy

by Richard Perez

Geek out with every breed of he-geek, from space-camper, to wizardry lover, to anime enthusiast, to gamer.

Baby Talk

by Jayde Cardinalli

Welcome little one. Birds, bees, and a visit from a stork were all it took to make ten fingers, ten toes, and one total perfection.

Everyday Hero

by David Soames

What a hero.

SF Love

by Nidhi Chanani

Welcome to The City, home of the Golden Gate, the Giants, and the vegan cupcake food truck.